Thursday, 22 November 2012


A while back, Sturdy STEVE HOLLAND - of BEAR ALLEY
BLOG - was going to publish a book reprinting every MISSING LINK
episode (plus the series it morphed into with its 16th episode) originally
featured in FANTASTIC in the late 1960s.  Unfortunately however, for
various reasons, the project was abandoned, meaning that a lot of frus-
trated POWER COMIC followers were deprived of a rare treat.

Hopefully, presenting the initial adventures on my blog might lead
to renewed interest, and result in a revival of Steve's project, either by
him or other parties.  LUIS BERMEJO's art deserves to be sensitively
coloured and presented not only to former Fantastic Fans, but also a
brand-new generation of readers who would be sure to welcome Linky
into their hearts.  What do all you Criv-ites think of the strip thus
far?  Feel free to let me know in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

Sheesh - that Link just can't get a lucky break! And talk about coincidence..."At that precise same moment"...

Sensitive colouring...that is indeed the key word, "sensitive". I'd be just as happy to see it presented in the same black and white that it was originally drawn in.

B Smith

Kid said...

To see it available to a wider audience would certainly be a good thing, even in b&w. However, I feel that colouring would give it a whole new dimension.

Psst. I've got the original art to a later episode. Three pages of Luis Bermejo - lucky me, eh?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kid

I've been greatly enjoying your Missing Link posts. Long may they continue (well, for 51 posts + that annual story anyway)

David Simpson

Kid said...

Glad you like them, David. I'll finish The Missing Link ones and then take a break from the follow-up strip for a while. With any luck someone might decide to publish them in the interim.

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