Sunday, 25 November 2012


A while back, in a rare mad moment of indiscretion, I somewhat
impetuously revealed my schoolboy crush on SUSAN STORM (aka
THE INVISIBLE GIRL), but I have an even more shameful confession
to make. I could never quite remain faithful to sweet Susie, swiftly switch-
ing my fickle infatuation 'twixt a succession of four-colour cosmic cuties
whenever my attention was diverted by some slinky, seductive temptress
provocatively posing and pouting at me from whatever captivating
comic I happened to be rabidly reading at the time.
GIRL were just some of the  many superpowered seductresses to whom I
felt oddly drawn - unlike them, who were awesomely and alluringly drawn
(little pun there) and stirred such strange sensations in my stomach. 

Another was KARA, alias
SUPERGIRL (who actually
bore a striking resemblance
to both Susan and Saturn
Girl), and - whether she was
drawn by JIM MOONEY or
- she set my young pulse racing
with passions that I didn't quite
understand and would've been
unable to 'express' had the
divine diva magically sprung
to life in front of me. (7 year
old boys are no doubt much
more clued-up about such
'affairs of the heart' nowa-
days, I imagine.)
Anyway, in tribute to
Kara, here's a selection of
images carefully culled
from my comic collection
to hopefully give you an
idea as to why the heavenly
honey so transfixed me.
Curiously, I never found
her secret identity of
as attractive. Strange what
blonde hair and a short
skirt can do, eh? (Although,
looking at Linda today,
she's actually quite striking
(Oh no! I thought I'd
grown out of it.)

ADVENTURE COMICS #384, which heads this post, is an odd
little tale, lounging in the 'land of latent lesbianism' (and transvestism),
perhaps without even being aware of it, and presumably going straight
over the heads of the kids who read it back in the day. Reading it today
as an adult, however, it seems unbelievable that the editors didn't spot
the inherent implications of the story at the time.
Anyway, did anyone else out there harbour such secret desires for sexy
statuesque superheroines, or was I the world's only paper pin-up perv?
Please tell me it ain't so! (Go on, 'fess up. You'll feel better for it.)

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moonmando said...

I must fess up to getting a hard-on the first time i saw Jessica Rabbit on the big screen.Even sadder was the fact that i was in my late twenties at the time.
Sadder still is that she still sets a stirring in my 52yr old loins...Oh,dear!

Kid said...

"Language, Timothy!" No wonder she had that affect on you - Kathleen Turner was the model for her. Jessica was drawn over her, apparently.

moonmando said...


Kid said...

Bed with no supper, you potty-mouthed rascal.

(Remember Friday.)

John Pitt said...

I'm sorry , Kid , but I've got to tell you that if you actually FANCIED these comic characters then you had some very serious problems! Now if you'd have said Betty Rubble ........

Kid said...

Strange - I'd have thought Olive Oyl was more your type.