Sunday, 4 November 2012


As promised, here's another firework-themed strip from WHAM!.
This time around it's ol' DANNY DARE, legendary space pilot DAN
DARE's #1 fan. One of the things that strikes me about these old strips
is how frequently fisticuffs were indulged in. Years ago, my local paper
occasionally published the odd strip cartoon by yours truly (for which I
was paid), and I remember the editor, MR BARR, rejecting one for being
too violent. (This was around '84.) The panel in question involved a bully
receiving one punch to the fizzog by PERCY PROON, YOUR NUMBER
ONE LOON (the hero of the strip), and this was regarded as a bit on the
rough side for the local paper. Seems it was all right to print stories
about muggings, murder and rape, but a single cartoon punch was
considered too much for readers' sensibilities.
One thing's for sure - what some of the kids in comics got up to with
fireworks on bonfire night back in the '60s would never be countenanced
today. Also, consider the bad example set by Danny in the above tale,
whereby he profits from selling items thrown out by mistake and which
don't belong to him. Nowadays, that second-last panel would be redrawn
and relettered to read something like this: "These forks were valuable
antiques! I got a reward for returning them to the owners!"

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