Monday, 19 November 2012


Just a word of warning should you ever think of clicking on any names
in your Traffic Sources spot in the Overview details of your blog. I saw
one for '' and clicked on it - only to find that some-
one with a seriously dodgy interest had checked out my site because of my
nickname. Fortunately, there was nothing shocking about the page my click
took me to (being as innocuous as my own), but it revealed the Search Key-
word used by the person - and I nearly choked on my KitKat. So, if you're
ever curious about just who might be visiting your site, it's probably
better not to find out - you could be in for a nasty surprise.
And while I'm on the subject, I reluctantly had to remove a follower
from my blog recently, as his avatar contained innumerable links to what
appeared to be porn sites. I wasn't going to risk visiting them to find out,
but the names were a bit of a giveaway. Not wanting to run the risk of
younger visitors to my blog having access to dubious sites which are
unsuitable for them, I thought it best to err on the side of caution.
I note that some of the members of my blog also have this person's
avatar on their sites (recently added), so it might be wise to check it
out in case you likewise want to remove it. Better safe than sorry.


Steve Does Comics said...

More importantly, you shouldn't click on the links in your Traffic Sources listing because hackers can use that to either download nasties to your computer or take over your blog.

If you want to check out where a link leads to, copy it, paste it into your browser's search engine and do a Google search for it. Seeing what comes up in the search results should tell you the sort of site it is.

Kid said...

Thanks for the heads up, Steve.