Monday, 24 September 2012


Isn't it strange how, when we look at the past through the muggy
mists of memory, periods of time we experienced as children seem
to have lasted far longer than they actually did?  For instance, when
I was getting FANTASTIC back in the '60s, it felt like I was reading
the ODHAMS PRESS weekly periodical for years before it eventual-
ly discontinued publication and was merged into SMASH!, one of its
stablemates.  However, Fantastic lasted for only 89 issues - which
is (if my calculations are correct) a period of exactly one year and
nine months.  Surely such a thing is impossible?  To me, it feels
like I was buying it for about three or four years at least.

It's the same with WHAM!, another of the five POWER COMICS,
as they were known.  I didn't become a regular reader until the comic
started featuring The FANTASTIC FOUR, sometime around August
of '66.  The title was merged into POW! an issue or two into January of
'68, which means that I had only been buying it for less than a year and a
half before its untimely demise.  Yet, when I think back, it seems (and
seemed) that the weekly periodical was a feature of my life for a far
longer time than was actually the case.

Regular readers may remember that, some time ago, I mentioned
in a previous post a quotation I heard on the radio a good few years
back which ran something like this:  "The memories of childhood are
without time and without end."  When I revisit my own memories
of childhood, I'm convinced of the truth of that insightful piece of
wisdom.  If anyone can tell me its source I'd be much obliged. 


Mel said...

Welcome back Kid. I have exactly the same feelings about the length of time the Power comics existed. It also feels like the sixties lasted longer than any decade since.

Kid said...

Thanks, Mel. The '60s and '70s seem about the same span to me, but the last thirty years have gone by in a blink.

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