Sunday, 2 January 2011


Aurora Superman kit - built and painted by me
Well, we've had THE
BATMAN, so we might
as well have his good pal
SUPERMAN.  In an earlier
post, I featured the 1964
version of this fabulous kit
by AURORA, so this time
around let's have the 1974
version, which had a few
differences.  Mainly, the
nameplate was omitted
and, instead of the "S"
emblem being moulded
on the costume & cape, a
couple of adhesive labels
were supplied.  Also, the
copyright details on the
base were updated.

Box art by James Bama or
Mort Kunstler?
Because of the contours of Supe's
manly physique, the chest emblem didn't
really adhere too well - in subsequent re-
leases of the kit by MONOGRAMMPC,
and REVELL-MONOGRAM (the two
companies merged in 1986), this was over-
come by the supply of waterslide decals in
place of stickers.  For my own kit, I simply
hand-painted the "S" emblem in the ap-
propriate places.  I also affixed a spare
'64 nameplate because, to my eyes, the
kit didn't seem complete without it.

Aurora really were the "bees' knees"
when it came to model figure kits.  The
WORLD'S FINEST, you might say.

Incidentally, the box to your right is
the one from 1964, not the 1970s - simply
because I think it's better.  However, as I'm
known far and wide for my generosity and
consideration for others,  for completists,
the '70s one is presented below.

The British version didn't have the
8 page comic, alas


Steve Does Comics said...

Wasn't there a Creature from the Black Lagoon one with a glowing head? I was always impressed by the idea of having a glowing head although I still can't see the evolutionary advantage in having one.

Kid said...

Yup - glow-in-the-dark head, hands and feet I think, plus maybe even a few other parts. That was the Aurora monster kits - when they were first released in the '60s they had a lightning bolt across the box with the legend "Frightening Lightning Strikes!".

Unfortunately, when stacked with the other models in shops, they were almost indistinguishable from the non-glow kits and a lot of kids were unaware of them.

Aurora rethought their strategy, which eventually led to the new square boxes for the kits with the "Glows-In-The-Dark" blurb on them.

I've got a non-glow Creature kit, but I haven't built it yet.

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