Saturday, 1 January 2011


Aurora Batman kit - built and painted by Kid Robson

 Another big
Television hit of the
'60s was BATMAN,
which - much like
U.N.C.L.E. - resulted
in a wealth of
Released in 1965 - some months before the TV show hit the airwaves - the AURORA plastic model kit of the Caped Crusader no doubt benefitted from a boost in sales due to the popularity of the programme when it aired in 1966.

Just thought you might like to see it. And it's all mine. Oh, and here's the box, too.

Box art by Carmine infantino & Murphy Anderson


Steve Does Comics said...

I always wanted the model kit of Spider-Man on the stairs, webbing poor old Kraven.

Actually I still do.

Looks like eBay might be getting a visit...

Kid said...

I never thought much of that particular kit at the time, to be honest. A friend had one in 1977 - the 2nd Aurora 1975 release of the kit - without the sign, a tin can and a gun (I think). This was because the then-current management thought the sign detracted from the "realism" of the kit - they must have excluded the other little extraneous bits merely to save on the cost of plastic. They did the same with all the re-releases of their superhero kits.

Polar Lights reissued the Aurora Spider-Man kit a few years ago - but in a bigger scale. (Amazing what they can do with computers, isn't it?)

Funnily enough, I would quite like to have the Spider-Man kit these days - must be an age thing.