Monday, 6 December 2010


Back around 1994, MARVEL UK did everyone a favour by gathering
together all 104 back-page episodes of TV CENTURY 21 's THE DALEKS
strip in one handy collectors' item package, with a brand-new cover by
artist RON TURNER. True, they did get one page out of sequence, but we
won't hold that against them as, in every other respect, it was a superb
package and well worth the money.
However, I think
the time is right for
a deluxe, hardcover
presentation of
these classic stories
(often referred to
which would also
include the six part
follow-up adventure
first published in
illustrated by Ron
Turner) and con-
tinuing the story
from the last TV
Century 21 episode.
With the resurgence
of interest in all things
Doctor Who, I'm fairly certain it would sell more than well enough to
justify the endeavour.

Anybody out there listening?


NP said...

I'd buy it. I bought this and the cover is in danger of coming away from the staples. A nice big 'Hawk books' size would be good too.
It was the little red box on the top left with a Dalek in it that first introduced me to TV21 on a cold, dark, foggy tea-time in February 1965 when I spotted an older lad coming out of the newsagents with it under his arm, and I thought "there's something for me!"

Kid said...

I remember noticing when that little box changed from using skinny Daleks to fatter ones - I was 6 years old and nothing much got by me. Wish I was as sharp now.

John Pitt said...

I , too , would LOVE such a book !! I always used to turn to the back cover of TV 21 first and my only consolation when there were no Daleks on #105 is that , the very same week they appeared in colour on the cover of TV Comic . Incidentally , if you have that Dr . Who / TV Comic story , Kid , I'd love to see that again , too . ( hint ! )

Kid said...

I believe I do have that story, plus the subsequent episodes also. They were reprinted in Dr Who Classics (I think it was called) by Marvel U.K. back in the '90s. (Hint taken.)

John Pitt said...

I forgot to mention , did you ever see the Dutch version of TV 21 , called TV 2000 ? These included the TV Bat-Man . If only TV 21 had done the same , it might have filled that void between #104 and the start of Captain Scarlet !

Kid said...

I've never held an actual issue in my hands, but I've seen photos of some covers in articles from time to time. Of course, back in the '60s, Odhams Press had the rights to print Batman in the pages of Smash! - although they were simply resized newspaper strips.