Tuesday, 6 November 2012


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Before the memory of past events fades beyond my ability to
accurately recall, I now cast the spotlight of history upon WORLD'S
FINEST COMICS #178, which I had when I was a boy of between 8
and 10 years of age.  My original copy was torn into tiny pieces at some
point (I don't remember why) and for a few years the scraps littered the
layers of insulation fibre between the floor joists in my loft.  In fact, I
wouldn't be at all surprised if fragments yet lurked there to this day,
over 40 years after my family moved from the house.

The scans you're currently looking at are from a replacement copy
I acquired a good many years ago.  It's true to say that I've had it for a
far greater period of time than I ever had the original, but in all that span,
I've never yet managed to read the story's conclusion in the next-but-one
issue, number 180.  (179 was a Giant-Size reprint issue.)  One day I must
apply myself to tracking down a copy of the comic and finding out what
happened, although it'll be a strange sensation to finally read the
resolution of a tale I first started 43 years before.

Looking at this comic now, memories come flooding back;  images
of CORSON'S, the shop from where I bought it;  the bedroom of my
old house and the gloom of the loft where it met its final fate.  If you had
this comic as a child then you'll have your very own set of recollections to
accompany it.  If so, cast now your eyes over the following select pages
and enter again that hallowed haven of yesteryear when the world was
a much simpler, safer place and the future still a very long way off.

And just think - somewhere out there is bound to be
someone who read #180 all those years ago, but never
saw #178.  Ain't life strange?


UPDATE:  I've now acquired WFC #180 - click here.


Anonymous said...

Small world. Would you believe (1) I had this issue (#178) and (2) never had #180. Maybe I didn't bother to look for the concluding issue. Since it was an imaginary story, not canon, I probably didn't care how it turned out.

Kid said...

And here I thought that I was the 'only person who had never read #180 in the village'. Sigh.

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