Friday, 3 February 2017


Image copyright MARVEL COMICS

Okay, so The THING is just standing there doing nothing, but
it's still a pretty dramatic image, huh?  When JACK KIRBY returned
to MARVEL in the mid-'70s, he drew The Thing as the 'cuddly teddy
bear' that other artists had turned him into in JK's absence, and which
JOHN BYRNE reversed when he became the FF's regular writer &
artist in the early '80s.  However, in the '60s, The Thing still looked
like a...thing, and this splash page captures that perfectly.


Colin Jones said...

I'd say The Thing was well on the way to cuddly teddy bear status long before Kirby left for DC - Ben had certainly changed enormously since his debut in FF #1 when he was aggressive and downright scary !! This Man, This Monster also appeared in an FF Treasury Edition which is where I first read it.

Kid said...

He was on his way because Jack's style was becoming more cartoony, but subsequent artists made him look even more like Fozzie Bear, which was an observation made by John Byrne. There was once an issue where monstrous versions of the FF appeared, which is kind of ridiculous in The Thing's case. After all, how can you make a monster version of a monster? I've got that Treasury Edition, CJ, but the splash page in this post comes from my own actual issue of FF #51. Although I first read the tale in a British comic album (by World Distributors I think, not at hand to check), wherein the FF wore red and yellow costumes and The Thing was coloured bluey-grey.

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