Sunday, 4 December 2016


The attitude of some people often astounds me, and the
following story is a perfect  example of  just what I'm talking
about.  Almost ten years back, I worked in a watch repair shop.
At one time, after I'd left their employ, myself and a friend were
in negotiations to buy the business, but eventually pulled out of
the deal as the incompetent owners couldn't get their act to-
gether (though I'll bet that's not what they told the per-
son they eventually sold it to).  But I digress.

One day, a women I knew came into the shop looking
to have links removed from a chain bracelet of some kind.
The standard charge for this particular procedure was £7.99,
but because she was a member of a church I'd once attended
when younger, after I'd completed the task, I smiled  at her
and said "Just give me two quid."

 The manageress was in that day observing proceed-
ings, so I was quite prepared to make up the £6 discount
out of my own pocket simply to do the woman a good turn.
She looked taken aback, and grudgingly started to reach for
her purse.  Noticing her scowl, I asked "What's up, Margaret?
You don't look too happy."  "I think you've got a cheek asking
for that" she responded.  It was my turn to be taken aback.
"Well, considering the fact I'm letting you off with nearly
 six quid, I don't understand your attitude.  Remember,
 we're running a business here, not a charity!" 

Anyway, she paid up and left, but the experience left
a bad taste in my mouth.  Had she expected me to do it for
nothing merely because we were acquainted?  If I'd worked in
Asda, would she have expected  me to wave her through the
checkout with a box of biscuits without charging her?  Who
goes into a shop looking for goods or services without ex-
pecting to pay?  I'm still staggered by her attitude.

No doubt when relating her version of events to her
friends, I'd have been painted as the bad guy.  It brings to
mind the old saying - "No good deed goes unpunished."

Too true, mate - too bleedin' true.   


John Pitt said...

A couple of quid ten years ago was nowt! No wonder you were taken aback! You should have said, "You're right, - I can't charge you two quid! That'll be £7-99, please!"

Kid said...

Should've done, JP, but was too gobsmacked by her ingratitude.

Colin Jones said...

And she was a member of a church ? Surely as a good Christian she should have been better behaved !!

Kid said...

Oh, there you go banging your church-bashing drum, CJ. Believe me, I encountered far worse attitudes than that in the shop from people who clearly weren't members of any church. She wasn't behaving like a ned, remember, she just seemed to expect me to fix her bracelet for nothing. I can guarantee that that sort of attitude isn't restricted to churchgoers.

Colin Jones said...

I never said it was, Kid !

Kid said...

And I never said you did, CJ! I also never said she was a good Christian.

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