Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Image copyright DC COMICS

Another JACK KIRBY-WALLY WOOD splash page, folks,
one which actually precedes the previous CHALLENGERS page
I showed you, as they're both from the same story.  I always thought
that Jack often drew horses too small in relation to people in the same
panel, but whether that's the case here or not, no one can deny the
powerful impact of the above scene - not even me.  Enjoy!


Phil S said...

My favorite was the one when they are kneeling with the Roman soldier

baab said...

That combination of Kirby and Wood is truly wonderful.
What is created there between them is something else.
Jack Wood or Wallace(Wally) Kirby.
The third party.

Have you never heard of Roman Ponies.
Faster than the larger Roman Horsey,
when combined with the new lightweight,
(gold-coloured) CHARIOT range.

Suitable for centurions, and citizens.

Christmas is coming and some Challengers might end up on my list.

Kid said...

That'll no doubt be making an appearance in the fullness of time, PS.


I'll take your word about the ponies, Baab (or will I?), but he did it in his cowboy strips as well. See if you can track down the two-volume Challengers Archives on eBay.

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