Sunday, 21 August 2016


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I assume BEOWULF was a belated attempt by DC to mine
the 'sword and sorcery' vein dug by MARVEL's CONAN mag,
but it only lasted for six issues.  CLAW The UNCONQUERED
(see ad) was a similar attempt which lasted twice that, but still
lacked the comics longevity of the Cimmerian barbarian.

Beowulf has resurfaced in the DCU in the last few years, but
I missed those mags, so can only show you the covers and select
internal pages from the first three issues from 1975.  (The first ish
is another of those comics that I recall reading while sat on my
grandparents red bed-settee on one of our Sunday visits.)

Maybe one day I'll track down the remaining three issues and
complete the set, in which case I'll be sure to post the covers on
this, the best blog in the depths of my fevered imagination.  Did
you buy Beowulf at the time?  Let's hear all about it, chums.
First, however, enjoy the art and ads on view for you.


(Incidentally, I first saw the '1st DC Issue' blurb on the
cover of TARZAN #1 when DC took over publication from
GOLD KEY.  However, as far as I 'm aware, there never was
a prior Beowulf title, so why it didn't just say '1st Issue' I don't
know.  Any suggestions?  The blurb also appeared on the
covers of other first issues by DC.)


baab said...

I always wanted to read this comic,the cover to Number 2,as seen above, was well advertised.

I think Alfredo Alcala worked on Claw,I had a few issues of Claw and they were fine,typical but fine.

I see another comic in the ad pages above,Stalker,Wally Wood and Steve Ditko come to mind,but not much else.

Kid said...

I've got Stalker #1, may already have shown it on the blog, but if not, I'll get around to it one day, Baab.

Graham said...

I was a bit of a Beowulf fan, so I bought several of the Beowulf comics when they came out.....#1, 2, and 4. I actually think I got #4 with the cover removed by the seller. I enjoyed it. The stories were pretty good and Ricardo Villamonte's art was good as well.

I also bought the Seamus Heaney translation that came out a few years ago, but avoided the movie (because I know what Hollywood does to beloved favorite stories of mine).

Kid said...

I remember the poem from school, G, but I bought the title mainly because of the art and also because it was a new mag. I really must get the last three issues now to see what the cover of #4 looks like and complete this post.

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