Friday, 22 July 2016


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I first learned of The SPIRIT in the 1967 edition of
The PENGUIN BOOK Of COMICS when I borrowed it
from my local library in '72.  Read a few stories over the years,
even met WILL EISNER in 1985 or '86, but I couldn't say I
was ever a massive fan of DENNY COLT, alias The Spirit.
Probably because I'd simply never read enough of his re-
printed adventures for the series to click with me.

I'm closer to being a massive fan now 'though, since
reading these two collected editions of the late DARWYN
COOKE's run on the character.  Other creators pitched in
too, but Cooke best captures the (dare I say it?) spirit and the
mood of the original Eisner strips.  Funny thing is, I bought the
debut issue of the comic when it first came out, as well as the
team-up with BATMAN, but I never read 'em.  Have now
'though, cos they're in the first book in this two volume
set (sold separately).

So if you're a fan of either The Spirit or the late
Darwyn Cooke, then these two books are sure to
tickle your sporran and float your boat.  Straight
'round to your local comicbook store with you.


Philip Crawley said...

Aaaaand the shopping list grows ever longer! I have been a long-time fan of Eisner's the Spirit (not so much of his later scratchily-drawn real-life tenement stories), my first introduction via the colour Harvey reprints. Imagine my surprise on finding that the originals were all in black and white, which I did on reading and collecting all 16 of the Warren reprint issues (with a coloured one in each issue). Being a bit of a Film Noir fan by that stage (mid '70s) the noir stylings of his art had added appeal even beyond his brilliant 7 page 'short stories' and character studies. Darwyn seems to have been quite prolific judging by all of the collections out there,

Kid said...

I really must catch up on the Eisner material one day, PC. I think everything gets collected nowadays, but apart from New Frontier and the Graphic Ink book, the collections of Darwyn's work are quite slim volumes.

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