Sunday, 15 May 2016


This is where I live on my family estate.  It's a graveyard, and I
have this nice little crypt-house, which, much like the TARDIS, is
far bigger in the inside than it is on the out.  There's me in the photo
below emerging in time to look for something to eat.  There's always
some foolish mortal passing through to provide a tasty snack , and
being a graveyard, disposing of the leftovers is no problem. 

Despite its severe exterior, it's really quite comfy inside.  You
may find that hard to believe so take a look at the pictures below.
There's an underground room where I keep a few of my collectables,
and I thought you might like to see them.  But one word of warning -
if you ever visit and the church clock starts to toll the midnight hour,
get out as quickly as you can before the final chime strikes.  Other-
wise you're solely responsible for whatever fate may befall you.
(Buuurrrpp!  'Scuse me, I've just had a bite of someone
something.)  Anyway, enjoy the pretty pictures.


Colin Jones said...

All that stuff must have cost you a small fortune, Kid - hopefully you will find a good home for as much as possible before you depart this vale of tears as we all must do.

joe bloke said...

niiiiiice. any room for a little 'un?

Kid said...

Some of it cost me a large fortune, CJ. And I've no plans to leave the vale.


Only in the fridge, JB. In case visitors call.

Mark Carter said...

Amazing collection. How do you manage to keep it all looking so dust-free?

Kid said...

That's only a fraction of it, MC. You CAN see a bit of dust if you get up close to things 'though. These are old photos - most of the stuff is all packed away now.

libraryguy said...

I am sort of scared of your neighborhood but I want to be your new best friend! Very cool stuff.

Kid said...

Yup, it's not a bad little collection, LG. Glad you like it.

Mark Carter said...

Why have you packed it all away, Kid? Are you in the middle of moving to a bigger mausoleum?

Kid said...

Nah, was getting some work done in the place, MC, and had to store everything away.

Oscar Dowson said...

He's suffering from memorabilia, Doctor. Is there no hope?
None, nurse. None at all.

Kid said...

No hope, no cure, OD. See? Life isn't always bad news.

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