Sunday, 13 March 2016


Image copyright MARVEL COMICS

Some people think that REED RICHARDS resembles JACK
KIRBY on this cover, but I'm not convinced.  There's a vague hint of
a similarity if you half close your eyes and look at the comic from the
other side of the room through the bottom of a milk bottle, but that's
hardly conclusive proof of Kirby's intent to model MISTER FAN-
TASTIC after himself.  Besides, he related more to BEN GRIMM,
The THING, so he's unlikely to have also thought of Reed as his
comicbook counterpart.  But what do the rest of you think?


Philip Crawley said...

From what I understand of the personalities of the two (as much as you can glean through interviews and such), the way I read it is Reed being Stan Lee and Ben 'The Thing" Grimm being Jack in their comic personalities. At least it amuses me to take that slant on it as I revisit the stories. Though I believe that Jack was much more of in intellectual than the Grimm persona would have you believe.

Kid said...

I don't think, initially, that the characters were meant to reflect either man, PC, but, over time, Jack apparently began to identify with The Thing. I certainly don't believe he was trying to draw himself as Reed on that cover 'though, despite an imagined likeness in some people's view.

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