Wednesday, 2 December 2015


Amazing!  His name's ADAM ETERNO and he's immortal.  Lucky
coincidence, eh?  Okay, so he did drink an alchemist's elixir, which sort
of helps, but it's almost as if he was predestined to live up to his name.
Oh, I forgot - he's just a fictional character dreamt up by a writer, but
even then, the thing with the name is pushing credibility a bit, eh?
Never mind, we'll just have to roll with it, I suppose.

He's also invulnerable - unless struck a fatal blow by a weapon
made of gold.  You wouldn't think there'd be too many of them lying
around, would you, but, hey - you'd be surprised.  And he's also a time
traveller.  Crom, is there no end to the man's talents?  Anyway, that's
enough preamble from me - let's now enjoy one of his adventures
from the 1971 LION & THUNDER Holiday Special.


Phil said...

Omigod! I remember this strip! Thanks for posting. It's amazing how you saw something when you were Nine and still remember it. Too bad that didn't work for school work hahaha

Kid said...

I was 12 when this particular strip was published, Phil. I suddenly feel very old.

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