Thursday, 5 November 2015


You begged, you pleaded, you demanded - but here it is anyway,
despite your wishes.  The second part of my proposed DEATH WISH
script for the adventure strip appearing in EAGLE comic back around
1986 or so.  One of the reasons I decided to try turning out a tale or two
at the time was the fact that I had just recently bought myself a portable
typewriter - mainly for the purpose of producing personal correspon-
dence - but it was lying neglected so I thought I'd put it to use.

This script was the result, and having gathered dust in a drawer for
decades, I thought the time had finally come to show just what comics
readers were spared all those many years ago.  Okay, so it was hardly
original, but I believe the humorous elements I injected into the tale
gave it something different to the stories it was derived from.

Anyway, you be the judge.  Could I have been the next STAN
LEE (which would've been apt, as I was nicking his plot), or was
any ability clearly overshadowed by my vaulting ambition?  Say
what you think in the comments section - but be kind, eh?


DeadSpiderEye said...

Didn't really know anything about Death Wish, till I read your script. His um--motivation, would seem a cause of contention for the Mother's Union crowd, from what I've gathered. Interesting concept but sustaining him over long run would seem a tricky task.

Kid said...

Don't really know anything about the Mother's Union, DSE, but his motivation in the series was to accept the most dangerous tasks from people (for a huge fee), as long as there was a good chance he wouldn't survive them - hence the 'Death Wish' title. He first appeared in Speed in 1980, then Tiger (when the two titles merged), then Eagle (another merger), so the character had a good long run, I suppose.

DeadSpiderEye said...

Did he soften up during his run, he seems to have picked up a bint here, which would hint that he didn't remain as totally hardcore as his premise suggests?

Kid said...

Dunno, DSE, I'm only familiar with the strip from my time on it. Susie may have been in it since day one for all I know. Remember that my script is an 'interval' and doesn't quite follow the formula for the series. There's no real action in it, but I thought it made a nice change of pace.

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