Friday, 6 November 2015


This is a menu I did some years ago for a restaurant - hand-
lettered except for the blackboard, for which I used Letraset.
Remember - hand-lettered, not those computer fonts which en-
able any Tom, Dick or Harry to impersonate a lettering artist.
If they can't already do it by hand, they shouldn't be let loose
on a page, in my opinion.  Bloody pretenders! 


Philip Crawley said...

As someone who wages a constant battle to keep their handwriting legible I admire anyone who produce writing neat enough to make a living at it! Always struck me that the comics letterer was the unsung contributer to the comics page. Amoung the many things that I admire about Marvel comics is the fact that they always credited the letterer on the splash page of their mags. Something I don't recall a lot of other companies doing.

Kid said...

I think Marvel were the first to do it, with DC eventually following suit. 2000 A.D. was probably the first U.K. comic to do it. I think colourists were also unsung contributors until Marvel started crediting them and other companies then started doing it also.

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