Saturday, 12 September 2015


(*No, that's not a typo in the title.)

Y'know, I've now not worked regularly in comics for the
same period that I did (15 years), but there are still perks to
be had from my days as a contributor, even after all this time.
For example, REBELLION, publishers of 2000 A.D., recently
sent me complimentary copies of their stunning four volume set of
ZENITH hardback books, a character whom  I was involved with
in a minor way back in the late '80s and early '90s.  And even as I
type, the deluxe APEX Edition of Zenith (same as the oversize
artist editions by MARVEL and DC) is winging its way to
me, courtesy of those nice Rebellion chappies.

So thanks to them for their unstinting generosity, but don't
despair, frantic ones.  You too can own these fantastic books,
which are available from your local comics store or book shop
for a paltry sum.  (You can also buy them direct from Rebellion's
website.)  So why waste money on unnecessary items like food
or clothes when you can buy these great books?

Right, I'm off to don my Zenith costume and then patrol
the city - why not nip out and purchase at least one of these
books today?  You're bound to regret it if you don't.



John Pitt said...

For me, Zenith was the last really great 2000 AD story. After that, newer stories were too "adult" go appeal to me.

Kid said...

Now I'll have to re-read the series to see if it lives up to your high praise, JP. I don't really remember what it was all about.

John Pitt said...

You can have good fun spotting the cameos of classic British Comic chracters ( in the style of General Tusker / Jumbo in Captain Britain )!

Kid said...

That rings a bell. Robot Archie (perhaps called Andy) was in it as well, I think.

baab said...

I really like Zenith and would read my friends copy of 2000 ad when i visited because of this strip.
I have the original compilations on my shelf,I wonder if this will up their value?

Kid said...

Only, perhaps, to those fanatical collectors who must have every single thing to do with their heroes, Baab. I bought the original Marvel Masterwork volumes, but the newer printings are better because they're using superior proofs to print from. So if I had a choice of buying an older Masterworks which I didn't have, or a newer version, I'd go for the latter. I'd assume it's the same for Zenith fans, although it would depend on which printing was cheaper, I guess.

Phil said...

I'm so old when you say Zenith I think of televisions made in America.

Kid said...

Phil, I'm so old that when you say televisions, I think of radios made by Marconi.

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