Tuesday, 15 September 2015


I had wanted to show a video clip of these little beauties in
action, but unfortunately, by the time I've wound up the second
one, the first one has already wound down.  (How do you wind
up a DALEK?  Tell it The Doctor can kick its @rse!)

Also, not being 'bump 'n' go', if they hit something they stop,
not change direction, so a clip wouldn't have been that exciting
anyway, I'm afraid.  So instead you'll just have to settle for a few
photos of them posing prettily on my bathroom floor, specially
mopped for the occasion, as it's a little know fact that Daleks
are allergic to urine.  Am I taking the p*ss?  You decide.

These PRODUCT ENTERPRISE Daleks were based on
the CODEG ones from the '60s, and although I think I'd have
preferred exact replicas, they're still very nice items indeed.

And here are the originals for you to compare...


John Pitt said...

I still prefer these to the Marx Daleks (I used to have the original blue head). I liked the way they would spin around and change direction, whilst their head moved from side to side - much more realistic!
Hey, here's an idea - juzt video ONE of 'em!

Kid said...

But then the other one would get jealous, JP. (I probably will do, but I'll have to use a bigger floor 'cos they stop when they hit the skirting board.)

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