Friday, 25 September 2015


Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

In five days time (September 30th) it will be 43 years since
The MIGHTY WORLD Of MARVEL #1 first went on sale.
Today I picked up the latest issue of the current incarnation of
the title, and was pleased to see a page referring to the origin
of The FANTASTIC FOUR, which was one of the three
tales in the weekly comic all those years ago in 1972.

Happy 43rd birthday, MWOM.  It only seems like
yesterday.  No doubt the next 43 years will, too.


baab said...

Very nice.
You know when I read that origin story, in the mighty world of marvel,I actually felt the cosmic rays as they penetrated the hull of the craft,just like I felt the rays in The incredible Hulk at the moment they hit Banner,and I went into that limbo with him.
Both very special moments in my life.
Comics are a mighty thing.

Kid said...

And did you also feel the radiation when that spider bit Peter Parker in the science lab, Baab? Of course you did.

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