Thursday, 3 September 2015


How the memories come flooding back on sight of this record
cover.  I bought mine in a chemist's shop in the Westwood Square
shopping precinct around either 1976 or '77.  I'd bought the PINK
PANTHER Holiday Special for '76 when it first came out (might
have been the same year, might not), and I remember reading it while
listening to the record.  I seem to recall the one I had being in red or
orange plastic, but my recent replacement is the usual black pressing
for a 45rpm.  I also seem to recollect that there were two tunes on
the B side, the other perhaps being Theme From HATARI,
but I could be mistaken about that.

Ah, the '70s.  I thought I was going to live forever, and summer
days seemed to last for far longer than they do now.  My parents
were out that night, and I have an idea they may actually have been
away on a fortnight's holiday, so, either way, the sense of freedom
was palpable.  Only myself, my brother, and our dog TARA were
in residence on that summer evening of around 40 years ago, and
looking back now, I wish I could have those days back again in
all their halcyon glory.  Why doesn't life come with a rewind
button?   Now wouldn't that be something?!

(Incidentally, I still have my original PP Holiday Special.
Here's a piccie of it for you to feast your eyes on)

Looking at the date on the back of the record cover makes
me wonder.  In 1971, I lived across the road from the shops
where I purchased this 45 (we moved in June '72), and it's en-
tirely possible that the single sat in the spinner-rack, waiting
for me to buy it in '76 or '77.  If so, I could've owned it four
or five years earlier.  Maybe it was inevitable that one day
it would be mine, eh?  Cue TWILIGHT ZONE theme.


Christopher Sobieniak said...

Looks like a standard "Gold Key" cover on that Holiday Special.

Unusual take on the Pink Panther for that record cover. It's almost like they did want to get into hot water with the original owners so they changed his ear shape, ruffed up his fur a bit and gave him glasses.

Kid said...

Could well be, Chris. The interiors were a mix of American strips (Gold Key I assume) and British ones from the weekly TV Comic. As for the record cover, it's more likely they didn't want to pay the fee for using the authorized image, so plumped for a close approximation.

Christopher Sobieniak said...

Wouldn't surprise me. They could've easily gone the route of something that doesn't even resembling the character if they went the abstract route.

Kid said...

Note that the Panther is wearing spectacles on the record cover, Chris. So it's obviously a different Panther, eh? (Wink!)

Christopher Sobieniak said...

His ears are also pointy, not curved, but yes, different guy!

Kid said...

A close relative 'though.

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