Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Here's an ad from the pages of TV CENTURY 21 featuring
CORGI TOYS' BATMOBILE.  Following hard on the heels of
the ASTON MARTIN DB5, this cemented Corgi's reputation as
the premier diecast toy company in Britain, with DINKY trailing
a close second.  Can you remember the excitement of when you
first acquired this fantastic toy?  Then let's hear all about it,
Bat-fans - the comments section awaits!


TC said...

I remember getting one for Christmas. I think it was the 1967 version; it came in a set with the Bat-boat and trailer.

By then, though, the Batman fad was already passing. In 1967-68, the TV series was in its third and final season.

Kid said...

Although I've now got two early editions (without the trailer hook for the Batboat), I didn't buy my original one until 1970 or '71. I was disappointed by the fact the gold hubcaps with the red Bat symbols had been replaced with generic silver spoke-effect ones, but hey - it was a Batmobile. Happy days, TC.

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