Monday, 29 June 2015


Did you know that ANDY WILLIAMS was
JIM REEVES favourite male singer?  True!  So
here's Andy with SIMON & GARFUNKEL
with a little song I'm sure you'll all enjoy.


Colin Jones said...

Very nice, I've always liked that song - it sounds medieval but I assume it's modern ? There was an interview with Andy Williams in the Radio Times a few years ago and he sounded a bit of a prat to be honest - whining about how Barack Obama was a socialist who was destroying America blah, blah. My mother always loved his version of 'Moon River' which was one of her favourite songs. Why is the blog now called Ach Crivens, Kid ?

Kid said...

Some people will undoubtedly think I added the 'Ach' to put my blog at the top of other people's blog lists which are alphabetical, CJ, but the truth is much simpler than that. Because I sometimes stray onto subjects other than comics and collectables, I added '& other stuff' to cover that - but it threw the title out of kilter. The top line was too short compared to the middle one, and I can't alter the layout of it, so I added the 'Ach' simply to extend the line somewhat. I'm not entirely happy with it and may change it again.

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