Monday, 1 September 2014


Of course, he hasn't made the same impact on the comics industry
as I have (who has?), but some of you might like to pop along and get
his autograph anyway.  (Nurse - is it time for my reality pill yet?)


Colin Jones said...

Kid, it's curious how Glasgow produces these famous comic-book types - Mark Millar, Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely....and yourself of course :) Talking of Mark Millar,one of my father's middle names was Millar - with an "a". Tomorrow (or today as it's past Midnight) is 15 years since his death which seems amazing as I remember him like it was yesterday.

Kid said...

15 years, eh? It's amazing how quickly time flies. I bet you any money you sometimes have dreams where you're chatting away to him as if he's still alive. And I suppose he is for as long as you remember him. In what way will you be observing the occasion, CJ?

baab said...

i met grant morrison at a promo night many moons ago and i was really drunk and very quickly became a bit of a pest.
He dealt with me in a courteous manner.

I hardly ever drink in public anymore.
I realised that i was a pest whenever i indulge,because i over indulge.

I can however ,slightly over indulge at family gatherings where I am afforded a bit of space due to my fun loving nature!


so i wont be going to this in case he remembers one annoying little pest!

I adore 70% of his work.

He has done well for himself.

Colin Jones said...

Kid, I don't need to dream for that - I often imagine what he'd be saying about current events especially the upcoming referendum - I really think he'd have been torn on that issue. As for marking his death, I wasn't planning anything but I now consider September 2nd to be the date that begins the final part of the year. Early September is a time when I think quite a bit about the past anyway because September 1st was my sister's birthday, she died aged 19 and would have been 46 yesterday. And of course early September is when we all returned to school after the Summer and the days are moving towards Autumn so I always have a feeling of nostalgia and reflection at this time.

Kid said...

I'm sure he's met so many 'pests' over the years, Baab, that there's been too many to remember just one.


I'm also very reflective at this time of year - Autumn is probably my favourite season, CJ.

Mr Straightman said...
Oh heck!

Kid said...

Alan Moore, it seems, really hates everyone's guts. Grant's, Stan Lee's, all Hollywood, writers, directors, producers, etc. Sad. If he knew I existed, he'd probably hate mine. Not that I mind, because I usually don't remember he exists until the publicity over one of his daft statements reminds me.

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