Monday, 31 March 2014


Y'know, it's curious how seemingly unrelated things are
connected in some way.  Case in point, the recently deceased
STEVE MOORE, who started his not insignificant career as
an office boy at ODHAMS, and then had a major impact on
British comics over nearly the next fifty years.

At one time (after the demise of WHAM!) my favourite
weekly comic was FANTASTIC, which Steve was involved
with as a teenager, even appearing in a superhero costume (on
the letters page of issue #50) which a reader had designed,
stitched together, and sent in.

Steve also created the THARG'S FUTURE SHOCKS
format for 2000 A.D., and it was one such strip which was
my first professional IPC lettering assignment when I started
freelancing for them at the start of 1985 (having been assured
of work by editor STEVE MacMANUS in '84).

Just think - if Steve Moore hadn't created the format,
there may never have been an opportunity for me to work
for IPC, as it may have been harder for Stevie-Mac to put me
on a strip already being regularly lettered by someone else.  The
individual nature of the Future Shock strips however, allowed
for different contributors per episode, thus giving me an
opening into the comics business.

So, just as I'm grateful  to Steve MacManus for giving
me a chance to work on 2000 A.D. to begin with, I'm just
as grateful to Steve Moore (whom I never met as far as I'm
aware), for creating the series that gave me my break into the
industry, and a fifteen year career working on, amongst
others, IPC's top-selling comic at that time.

As I said - curious how things are connected, eh?


Dougie said...

Holy Coincidence! I was looking at Fantastic 50 last night. Young Steve as Flash Man.

Kid said...

Hard to believe he's now no longer with us, eh, Dougie?

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