Sunday, 23 February 2014


Y'know, sometimes, when I'm scanning these comics for your
appreciative perusal, it seems as if I only acquired them fairly recently.
Then it hits me - over 40 years have passed since I first bought them. Man,
that's an extremely scary thought, and one I often have a hard time getting my
head around.  I was but a mere schoolboy when they came into my possession,
and I can still see the classrooms of my old school and myself sitting, during a
break,  reading the odd issue I'd bought on the way in on a morning, having
missed it for some reason at the weekend. Then I remember that my school
was demolished some years ago and is now a housing estate, and the gulf
between then and now seems even greater, due to the fact that one
of the tangible points of connection no longer exists.

But enough of my philosophical musings, that's not what you're here
for. So enjoy these images from 1973 and cast your mind back to when
you first read them. Then, if you'd care to, let's hear your reminiscences
about what they mean to you, and about the times, places and people
you associate with these cataclysmic comics from so very long ago.

Note how the statue's name changes from DRALLA to DRALLAS
in THE STONE MAN story below. You'd think someone would've
noticed and corrected it, eh?


Anonymous said...

"Shmashor! Frenzy in a Far Flung Land!"
I've gotta get a copy of that.

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

Love this period in time in UK Marvels history -( I really liked the first 2 and a bit years of UK Marvel) it was around issue 55 that I started getting this comic delivered to my (then) house as opposed to just asking the newsagent to keep it for me (do folk still get papers, comics delivered?) I seem to recall that around this time there was a great Hulk /Inhumans storyline - wish I hadn't gotten rid of my UK Marvel early issues (only have the first 30 issues plus the odd issue mostly from the glossy cover era)Ditko was excellent at this time and I always enjoyed these filler stories wish US Marvel would print more of these again

John Pitt said...

And think what it's like for those of us viewing for the first time gems that we missed!

Gey Blabby said...

MWoM started at roughly the same time as I entered my teenage years and went up for my first year at the big school, so it's hard not to associate them with that particular time in my life, when such a lot was going on - as it would be for most teenagers. Rushing home to the newsagent on a Friday to pick them up was the perfect way to start the weekend, especially in those first couple of years when they had paper covers; it didn't matter if they were cheap and cheerful, the content was all that mattered. By the time they changed over to the glossy covers (as you mentioned), some of my enthusiasm had died away - probably due to having access to new American Marvels by then, as well as developing other (ahem) interests that needed my attention.

Kid said...

Great responses there, guys. As for whether people still get comics delivered, it seems that hardly any people even buy them from shops nowadays - or am I being too cynical? All three of my old schools have now been demolished - it feels like a bit more of my past is being consigned to oblivion all too often these days.

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