Monday, 10 February 2014


Okay, I admit it - I'm cheating a little with this one.  You see, dear
readers, I never actually had this particular comic when I was a lad.  No
indeed, but I did read the titanic tale when it was serialised in three (I think)
issues of the British '60s title, FANTASTIC.  It was reprinted in black and
white, but that hardly mattered, so powerful were MARIE SEVERIN's
dynamically composed layouts and storytelling.

Sometime in the early '70s, I re-acquired a few back issues for a
short time, and then the tale was reprinted in The MIGHTY WORLD
Of MARVEL.  I couldn't even guess when I obtained the original issue
(TALES TO ASTONISH #100) - was it the late 1980s or the early or
mid-'90s?  I can't be sure after all this time.  (Maybe I have an invoice
lying around somewhere that will supply the date, but I can't even
recall if I bought it in a shop or via mail order.)

Not that it matters I suppose, because the story shrieks the '60s at
me regardless of which version I'm looking at.  I'd taken some Fantastics
into primary school one day, and therefore associate the tale mainly with
the classroom wherein I pored o'er the pulsating pages in awestruck wonder
during a break in lessons.  However, I thought it was only right and proper
to show the original TTA version, so that you could see how it was
first presented to a breathlessly waiting world. 

COMING NEXT:  Part Four of 'Pot Luck' Marvel Cover Gallery!


John Pitt said...

An epic battle indeed - almost as goodas the first Hulk/ Thor battle!

Kid said...

Indeed, JP. They knew how to make comics in those days. Now it all seems to be talking heads for page after page.

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