Tuesday, 1 January 2013


A great new fortnightly series from EAGLEMOSS COLLECTIONS
has just hit the shops - BATMAN AUTOMOBILIA - devoted to BAT-
VEHICLES, no less. The first issue is a paltry £2.99 and features the
1989 movie Batmobile (middle picture, above), but it's issue two I can
hardly wait for - the 1966 TV Batmobile - at only £5.99, although the
regular price for each new release will be £9.99.
Each vehicle comes in its very own display case with detailed base,
featuring a '3D LENTICULAR'  background scene. I won't be buying
every single one, but I'll no doubt pick up whichever little beauties
grab my fancy from time to time. Maybe you'll want to do likewise.
Be sure to look for ISSUE #1 in the shops - NOW!
Visit the website at www.eaglemoss.com/batmobiles 


Dougie said...

Oh, I might succumb. I'd like the Futura plus the 50s crime lab and 70s sports models if they're available! HNY, Kiddo.

TwoHeadedBoy said...

Interesting... I'll be on the lookout for the one from the 1992 animated series (if it happens).

Think I've still got my full-size toy of that one - a batplane springs out the back end of it!

Comicsfan said...

No film car will ever, ever surpass the classic '60s Batmobile. I will turn the Bat-ray on it if it tries.

Kid said...

THB, visit the website - it may tell you what ones are definitely going to be available, but I believe the one from the animated series will be, going on what the accompanying magazine says.


CF, I must admit that I like the 1989 vehicle, but the 1966 one will always be the 'real' Batmobile.

Anonymous said...

I'm not really into toy cars ( err model/replica cars sorry) but darn it some of these look cool - the Animated version of the Batmobile is in issue 8 (released in April) and look nice and I might get that one (as does issue 9 (a very early version) - bu tissue 2 is the stand out imho - McScotty

Kid said...

I'd agree with you there, McScotty. I'll be buying two - they're diecast, not plastic, so well worth getting. (Having said that, I'd still buy them if they WERE plastic.) I've got a couple of spare Batman and Robin figures from a Corgi Batmoblile (as well as having two of the car), so hopefully I can fit them inside the Eaglemoss version. (I couldn't fit them into the Mattel similar scaled one in case I broke something.) I've also got two of the Mattel/Elite deluxe large-sized replica and they're absolutely fantastic. (As is the Polar Lights pre-painted plastic model kit.) Did I mention I LOVE the 1966 TV Batmobile?

Anonymous said...

I can't see anything to indicate what size these goodies are....any idea?

B Smith

Kid said...

More than an idea, B, 'cos I've already got the first one. The movie Batmobile is around 5 and a half inches long (just slightly bigger than the Ertl Batmobile from 1989), in a display case 7 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 3 inches high.

Anonymous said...

How many issues will there b anyone know

Kid said...

I believe it's supposed to be 80, although it's not unknown for these things to be extended if they're hugely successful.

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