Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Here's a little something I rediscovered recently.  It's an
order of service I did for a friend's wedding back in 1980.  Done
freehand, apart (obviously) from a pencil guide underneath each
line of lettering to keep it straight.  The lettering itself was done
with an italic fountain pen.  It didn't turn out too bad in my
opinion, but, then again, I'm somewhat biased.

Paeans are most welcome in the comments section.


Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Really nice, Kid! That stuff is hard to do as well as you have. Mebbee you were a monk in some former life, or maybe you could be one now, illuminating the Book of Life. Yeah, a rogue monk, traversing the planet, chronicling the sacred and profane.

Make note: comic book: ROGUE MONK.

Kid said...

Thanks, Thom. What amazes me is that I was only 21 at the time. I doubt I could do a better job now - if indeed I could even do it as well as I did then. (There's a couple of wobbly bits, but that's down to ripples in the paper.)

A rogue monk, but without the tonsure.

Mr Straightman said...

Don't forget how many monks used to draw rude things in the margins of their illuminated manuscripts...

Kid said...

You mean you didn't spot the naked milk-maiden on the first page...?