Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Returning from the shops a week or two back, I stopped at a
bench on the outskirts of the park near my home.  As I sat gazing
into the distance and enjoying the rest, I was struck by the formation of
the clouds on the horizon, which seemed to me like some vast Olympian
city of the gods hovering in the sky.  In my imagination I could see tall,
robed figures, their noble brows adorned with laurel wreaths, strolling
leisurely amongst immense, marbled columns, untroubled by the
cares and woes that so often beset we mere mortals.

The park greenery lay before me like Jack Kirby's NEW GEN-
ESIS, while 'SUPERTOWN ' floated overhead.  Were they, in some
benign and bemused way, studying we finite beings who live our lives in
the blink of an eye compared to the eons-long span which gods are heir
to?  Did they observe me looking longingly at their heavenly haven?  Did
kindness touch their hearts for one brief moment and cause them to call
to me, inviting me to stride the streets of their celestial city, there to
spend my days in idyllic pursuits, free from the ravages of time?

Then a dog barked and, alas, the fragile spell was broken.
Returned to reality, I bent and retrieved the shopping bags which
lay at my feet.  With one last lingering look at the city in the sky, I
turned and slowly made my way up the hill to where, at journey's
end, a far more humble home awaited me than the one which
had so recently seemed to beckon. 


Martin said...

Cloud formations can be quite seductive, can't they? Too many people forget to look upwards, when they're going about their business.

Kid said...

Martin, I could stare at clouds all day sometimes. And my head is often in them.

moonmando said...

I think you must have fallen asleep watching the BBC kid! That`s all they`ve been prattling on about for months now,Olympics this,bloody Olympics that!!I`m sick to death of it all,already.
If you looked closely enough at those laurel clad figures floating above you, you might have recognised Seb Coe and the rest of his olympic cotterie of pampered officials scuttling from one 5 star hotel to the next running up an enormous bill into the bargain.At a time when the economy is in crisis,or so they would tell us.Hmmm...
Oh dear,i do find myself cynically prattling on these days.Where is that park bench kid? i think i need a seat.

Kid said...

Me watch the Olympics? You've got to be joking! Nah, Seb Coe and his crew weren't there - it was a different class of Olympian I was referring to. The park bench? You've got to pick your times - otherwise it's occupied by old jakeys, underage drinkers - or me.

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