Saturday, 7 April 2012


DOCTOR WHO has been a very lucky guy.  If it hadn't been for The
DALEKS, it's unlikely the programme would have survived on TV more
than a few years after its debut back in the 1960s.  It was the pepper-pot
tyrants who virtually created (or at least consolidated) the merchandising
arm of the BBC, ensuring the show's survival as a potential cash-cow
ripe for financial exploitation.

The Daleks have been immortalised in many different incarnations over
the decades.  Transfers, bump'n'go toys, friction-drive, model kits, bubble
bath, wallpaper, remote-control, clockwork, banks, games, playsuits, pencil
tops, badges, jigsaws, bagatelles, greetings cards, comics, writing paper -
you name it and they've probably been it.

This time, however, it's the Dalek Annuals I'm focussing on, and in
particular the annuals of the '70s.  Presented here, for your consideration
and appreciation, are the front and back covers to the four publications
which appeared on newsagents' shelves from 1975 to 1978 - each for
the subsequent year obviously.

Look at them, study them, but most of all enjoy them.  Nice, aren't they?

And, for all you completists out there, here are the three books from
the 1960s.  The first one introduced the Emperor Dalek, later seen
extensively in the back-page TV CENTURY 21 strip, as well as those
handy little hoverbouts the Daleks used.


Anonymous said...

there was three dalek annuals in the sixties the dalek outer space book was no3

Kid said...

Of course - how could I forget, especially with such a great cover? I've amended the post. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

no probs. v.good. the daleks are back in episode 1 of the new series this year.

Kid said...

I'm still kicking myself - the title of the third book is possibly the most well-known. The first two were in my 'Daleks' file and the third was in my 'TV21' file, hence my oversight. Good to see the Daleks are back - still a bit dubious about the new design 'though.

John Pitt said...

Been after the 4 x 70's annuals for years! (at a price I could afford! Would love to see scans of the non-tv21 strips in future blogs! - Any chance ,PLEASE!!

Kid said...

Maybe one day - if I can open the books wide enough without damaging them.